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hit-and-run victim's rights, and information to find the car

There's a hit And run every 45 seconds

Pedestrian Safety


Be Safe. Choose Life. 

Pedestrian safety begins with taking responsibility for your own well-being.  Pico- Robertson - and an epic number of communities around the nation - are  no  longer the safe and tranquil communities they once were. Distributing thousands of free safety vests is just the first step in our raising awareness of potentially fatal traffic dangers.  We'll partner with  your school, organization, place of worship,  neighborhoods - even groups of friends...

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Hit and Run Advocacy


When you or a loved one is a victim - and hopefully a survivor - of a hit and run, your world is turned upside down. And what I discovered is that the victims have virtually no rights or access to vital information in order to find the car on their own so they can pursue a civil prosecution - or discover evidence to lead to a criminal prosecution. You've Been Hit and Run Victim Advocacy has identified ten key obstacles for victims and solutions for each.  Keep reading ...

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How To Find The Car


"You've Been Hit And Run - What You Must Do NOW!, written by Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff,  delivers the only guide written by a survivor detailing the exact steps you must take immediately to find the car.  What the police won't tell you is that, however much they genuinely want to help you, they simply do not have the time and resources to investigate every case. In Los Angeles, 

there are more than 500 of new cases of hit-and-runs a week... Keep reading...

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"If I'd known Then, What i know now, I believe we could have found the car."

 There is a hit and run every 45 seconds in the United States.  Only 8% are solved - not because it's impossible but because the police don't have the resources to investigate each case and because the victims don't have the information to advocate for themselves. With the information gathered from the first year of investigating her near-death hit and run with her family and friends, Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff has compiled a guide to lead victims through the steps they must take immediately to find the car as well as reclaim their lives.

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The Heroes Who Saved My Life


 MY HEROES! The paramedics who saved my life. Forever endless gratitude to Chris, Steve, Bryan and Mike (not pictured) of the Los Angeles Fire Department and my most heartfelt  thanks to all the brave, courageous and selfless emergency responders everywhere 

Recovering: Reclaim Your Life


 I know I'm the blessed recipient of the most sacred of gifts: a second chance at life. My prayer for you is that while you'll never forget such a horrific accident, you will find your spark, live with joy, love even more deeply,  find purpose, and share your soul gifts with others. 

My work-in-progress journey

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