There's a hit And run every 45 seconds

There's a hit And run every 45 seconds

There's a hit And run every 45 secondsThere's a hit And run every 45 secondsThere's a hit And run every 45 seconds

"I was struck by an SUV as a pedestrian and survived a near-death hit-and-run. Blessed and grateful, my mission is to help you find the car, advocate for victim's rights, and inspire you to become a vigilant, aware pedestrian." 

- Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff  

The Book: "You've Been Hit-and-Run: What You Must Do Now!"

"If I'd Known Then, What I Know Now, I Believe We Could Have Found The Car and The Driver."

There is a hit and run every 45 seconds in the United States.  

Only 8% are solved - not because it's impossible but because the police don't have the resources to investigate each case and because the victims don't have the information to advocate for themselves. 

With the information gathered from the first year of investigating her near-death hit and run with her family and friends, Entertainment Industry Life Coach Sherri Ziff has compiled a guide to lead victims through the steps they must take immediately to find the car as well as reclaim their lives. 

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Take Action. Now.

Be Visible. Be Safe. Pedestrian Safety Awareness


 A pedestrian is injured every 8 minutes, killed every 88. 

 "Be Visible. Be Safe." is the advocacy inspiring Pedestrian Safety Awareness. 

We bring pedestrian safety awareness education into schools. We educate the public about the necessity of wearing reflective and high visibility clothing. We distribute safety vests. 

And we're working with local and state government to introduce legislation that will keep us safe.  Please visit "Be Visible. Be Safe." 

Resources for the Victims and Family of Hit-and-Runs


Victims of Violent Crime Fund: This organization provides funds for healthcare, grief &trauma therapy, & more.  Click below.

Your City may have funds to post a reward: Contact the police or city hall asap - the sooner you know, the sooner you can get the word out. Blast social media asap. 

Issue a Press Release or Contact local news You don't have to be a public relations expert - call all news outlets asap, and for their help. 

Victim's Advocate at Police Station

Find out if your local police department has a victim's advocate and contact them immediately. 

Advocating for Hit and Run Victim's Rights


The system is broken. And victims of hit and runs are suffering for it. Victims need access to necessary information to find the car on their own because law enforcement simply doesn't have the time and resources to put in the effort required.  Law enforcement needs modernized DMV and LPR (location plate recognition) data bases to do their job. Victims need the hit and run drivers to have a short grace period to come forward without criminal prosecution.   

GratitudE. I lived.

The Heroes Who Saved My Life


MY HEROES! The paramedics who saved my life. Forever endless gratitude to Chris, Steve, Bryan and Mike (not pictured) of the Los Angeles Fire Department and my most heartfelt  thanks to all the brave, courageous and selfless emergency responders everywhere.

I survived a hit-and-run. My Story.


 This is the car that struck me. 

On March 9, 2018, while walking to dinner in Los Angeles, I took a step off the curb. A driver of an SUV ran the stop sign, made a hard left, and struck me. I was thrown nearly 30 feet, left gushing blood in the middle of the street. The paramedics didn't think I'd live. But I was blessed with another chance to live. And I want to make my life worthy of this second chance. And that's why I want to help you find the car, advocate for your rights, and get closure,.   

Recovering: Reclaim Your Life


 I know I'm the blessed recipient of the most sacred of gifts: a second chance at life. My prayer for you is that while you'll never forget such a horrific accident, you will find your spark, live with joy, love even more deeply,  find purpose, and share your soul gifts with others.  

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